IEC SB RAS - Staff

The Institute consists of skilled and high-qualified research staff including one academician and one corresponding member of RAS, and 30 Doctors and 74 Candidates of Sciences, among which are 11 research professors. The Institute consists of 15 subdivisions, the total number of the staff members being 268.

Alexand Y. Eskin
Anatoly V. Chipizubov
Senior Researcher
Anatoly V. Klyuchevskii
Chief Researcher
Anna A. Dobrynina
Senior Researcher
Evgenii V. Bryzhak
Junior Researcher
Lyudmila P. Imaeva
Senior Researcher
Oleg P. Smekalin
Senior Researcher
Rudolf M. Semenov
Leading Researcher
Sergei P. Serebrennikov
Senior Researcher
Valerii S. Imaev
Chief Researcher
Vasilii I. Dzurik
Laboratory Chief

About Us

1949 and USSR Academy of Sciences Presidium Decree, dated February 24, 1949 as a response to the foundation of the Branch. It was renamed into the East-Siberian Geological Institute in 1957; since 1962, it had been known as the Institute of the Earth’s Crust SB AS USSR and obtained its current name in 1992.

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