IEC SB RAS - Sergei P. Serebrennikov

Sergei P. Serebrennikov

Scope of expertise:

Seismogeological and geophysical studies of the features of seismic events in the cryolite zone. Fault zone studies concerning the problem of seismic risk assessment.

  1. Seismicity and seismic hazard zoning of the territory of Mongolia / V. Dzhurik, A. Klyuchevskii, S. Serebrennikov, V. Demyanovich, Ts. Batsaikhan, G. Baaraa. Irkutsk: IEC  SB RAS, 2009. -420 p.;
  2. Seismic hazard zoning of the territory of  Erdenet/V. Dzhurik, S. Serebrennikov, T. Ryashchenko, Ts. Batsaikhan, T. Dugarmaa, M. Ulzijbat, A. Eskin, L. Usynin. Irkutsk: IEC  SB RAS, 2011. -122 p.
  3. Influence of the upper section on the amplitude-frequency content of a seismic signal by the example of seismic stations in the Baikal and the Transbaikal region / A. F. Drennov, V. I. Dzhurik, S. P. Serebrennikov and N. N. Drennova. // Seismic Instruments. —2011. — Vol. 47. — N. 1. – P. 48–58.
  4. Dzhurik, V.I., Serebrennikov, S.P., Drennov, A.F., Bryzhak, E.V., Usynin, L.A. Shagun, A.N. & Eskin, A.Yu. (2011). – Seismic hazard zoning of Irkutsk territory. – The Bulletin of Irkutsk State University (Izvestiya Irkutskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta). Series “Earth Sciences”, 4(2), 61-81 (in Russian).
  5. Drennov, A.F., Dzhurik, V.I., Serebrennikov, S.P., Bryzhak E.V. & Drennova, N.N. (2013). – Acceleration response spectra for the earthquakes of the southwestern flank of the Baikal rift zone. – Russian Geology and Geophysics, 54(2), 223-230.

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