IEC SB RAS - Alexand Y. Eskin

Alexand Y. Eskin

Scope of expertise: Study of tectonic dislocations and fractured zones by the electrical sounding methods. Search and reconnaissance of underground waters, engineering survey in industrial and civil construction. Monitoring of permafrost zones.

  1. Dzhurik, V.I., Serebrennikov, S.P., Usinin, L.A. & Eskin, A.Yu. (2008). – The results of complex estimation of probabilistic parameters of seismic danger for urban territories of Mongolian-Siberian region. – Bulletin of Irkutsk State Technical University (Vestnik of Irkutsk State Technical University), 4, 13-18 (in Russian).

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1949 and USSR Academy of Sciences Presidium Decree, dated February 24, 1949 as a response to the foundation of the Branch. It was renamed into the East-Siberian Geological Institute in 1957; since 1962, it had been known as the Institute of the Earth’s Crust SB AS USSR and obtained its current name in 1992.

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