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Valerii S. Imaev

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Scope of expertise:

Seismogeology and seismotectonics of Yakutia, Far East, Altai, Sayany, Pribaikalye and North Mongolia, somewhat of China and America, use of methods of structural geology to identify active fault zones, tectonic stress field reconstruction, finding the evidence for recent and paleoearthquakes to generate geodynamic models and, subsequently, to conduct studies on detailed seismic zoning of the territory of Russian Federation.


  1. V.G.Trifonov, A,E,Dodonov, D.V.Bachmanov, T.P.Ivanova, A.S.Karakhanian, V.S.Imaev, S.P.Nikiforov, A.I.Kozhurin, O.Ammar, M.Rukieh, N.Minini, Sh.AL-Yusef, O.Ali, N.N.Grib, L.P.Solov,ev, L.P.Imaeva, A.V.Kachaev, A.A.Syasko, T.P.Guseva, M.Ali, T.Zaza. Neotectonics, recent geodynamics and seismic hazard of Syria / Transactions of the Geological Institute, Vol.598, Moskow, GEOS, 2012.- 204 p.


Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals:

  1. K. Fujita1, B. M. Koz'min2, K. G. Mackey1, S. A. Riegel1,*, M. S. McLean1,**, and V. S. Imaev2 «Seismotectonics of the Chersky Seismic Belt, eastern Sakha Republic (Yakutia) and Magadan  District, Russia» Stephan Mueller Spec.Publ.Ser. N4, 2009,- p.117-145
  2. Seismicity map of Eastern Russia, 1960-2010 // K.G.Mackey, G.Fujita,H.E.Hartse,R.J.Stead,….V.S.Imaev,E.I.Gordeev…, // Seismological Research Letters, 2010,Volume 81,N 5,September/Oktober,PP 761-768.
  3. Trifonov V.G.,Bachmanov D.M.,Ali O.,Dodonov A.E.,Ivanova T.P.,Syasko A.A.,Grib N.N.,Imaev V.S., Ali M. And Al-Kafri A.M. Cenozoic tectonics and evolution of the Euphrates Valey in Syria //  in  SP 372: Geological Development of Anatolian and Easternmost Mediterranean Region. Edited b. A.H.F.Robertson,O.Parlak and U.C. Uclugent. ISBN  978-1-86239-353-0. -P 635-653.

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