IEC SB RAS - Svetlana I. Shkolnik

Svetlana I. Shkolnik

Scope of expertise: Reconstruction of protholite composition and paleogeodynamic environments of metamorphic core complex formation in the Central Asian Fold Belt.

  1. S. I. Shkol’nik, L. Z. Reznitskii, V. G. Belichenko, and I. G. Barash Geochemistry, petrogenesis, and geodynamic typification of metavolcanics of Tunka terrane (Baikal-Hovsgol region) // Russian Geology and Geophysics. 2009. V. 50(9), P. 779-788.
  2. S. I. Shkol’nik, V. G. Belichenko, L. Z. Reznitskii, and I. G. Barash A fragment of back[1]arc paleospreading in the Tunka terrane // Doklady Earth Sciences. 2011. V. 436(1). P. 61-65.
  3. S. I. Shkol’nik, I. G. Barash, V. G. Belichenko, E.F.Letnikova // Geochemistry of highly aluminiferous Vendian-Cambrian sediments of the Tunka bald mountains, East Sayan // Doklady Earth Sciences. 2011. V. 436. № 1. P. 108-112
  4. S. I. Shkol’nik, L. Z. Reznitsky, and I. G. Barash Possibility of identification of back_arc paleobasins from high_grade metamagmatic rocks: evidence from mafic crystalline schists of the Slyudyanka crystalline complex, South Baikal Region // Geochemistry International. 2011. V. 49. № 12. P. 1177-1194.
  5. S.I. Shkol’nik, V.G. Belichenko, and L.Z. Reznitskii High-magnesium picrite–basalt associations of the Tunka terrane (Baikal–Hövsgöl region), as indicator of the back-arc basin spreading // Russian Geology and Geophysics. 2013. V. 54(2). P. 153-165.
  6. L.Z. Reznitsky, A.V. Travin, V.G. Belichenko, S.I. Shkol’nik, I.G. Barash, and E.F. Letnikova. 40Ar/39Ar age of the polyfacies metamorphism of sedimentary–volcanogenic sequences of Tunka Goltsy, Eastern Sayan // Doklady Earth Sciences. 2013. V. 448. No. 2. P. 175–179.
  7. S.I. Shkol’nik, E.F. Letnikova, V.G. Belichenko, A.I. Proshenkin, H. Geng, S.V. Veshcheva, A.V. Levin LA-ICP-MS dating of detrital zircons from metaterrigenous deposits of the Vendian-Cambrian cover of the Tuva-Mongolian microcontinent (Tunka Bald Mountains, East Sayan) // Doklady Earth Sciences. 2014. V. 454. № 2. P. 154-157
  8. S.I. Shkol’nik, E.F.Letnikova Geochemistry of manganese ores from the southern folded margin of the Siberian Platform // Geochemistry International. 2015. V. 53. № 6. P. 545-553.
  9. L.Z. Reznitsky, S.I. Shkol’nik, A.V. Ivanov, E.I. Demonterova, E.F. Letnikova, C.-H. Hung, S.-L. Chung The Hercynian Ikat thrust in the Transbaikalian segment of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt // Russian Geology and Geophysics. 2015. Vol. 56. No. 12. P. 1671–1684.

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