IEC SB RAS - Inna A. Potekhina

Inna A. Potekhina

Scope of expertise: Fault-block structure of diamond-bearing kimberlites from the pipes of the Alakit-Markhin field and their tectonophysical analysis.

  1. Gladkov A.S.,Lunina O.V., Dzyuba I.A., Orlova L.A. New data on the age of deformations in nonlithified sediments of the Tunka rift depression // Doklady Earths Sciences, vol.405, №8, 2005, pp.1175-1178.
  2. Gladkov A.S., Bornyakov S.A., Sherman S.I., Dzyuba I.A., Zinchuk N.N., Manakov A.V., Matrosov V.A., Garat M.N.New data on tyeinternelstructurs and formation mechanism of kimberlite-hosting fault zonez in the Malaya Botuoba region, Ykutian diamondiferous province // Doklady Earth Sciences, 2005, Vol. 402, No. 4, pp. 520–523.
  3. Gladkov A.S., Makovchuk I.V., Lunina O.V., Bornyakov S.A., Potekhina I.A. The YubileinayaKimberlite Pipe Site, Russia: 3D Model of the Fault–Block Structure // Geology of Ore Deposits, 2010, Vol. 52, No. 3, pp. 234–251.

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