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Andrei S. Gladkov

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Scope of expertise: Structure of ore fields and deposits, structural control of kimberlite magmatism. Fault mapping, fractal analysis of tectonic fracturing and faulting.

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  10. 9.Gladkov A.S., RadziminovichYa.B., Lunina O.V. A relationship between the Source of the 25 MAY 1887 earthquake and the fault along the Biliktuika river valley (southern Siberian Platform) //Russian Geology and Geophysics – 2012. – V.53(12). – P. 1335–1341.
  11. Lunina, O.V., Gladkov, A.S., 2015. Seismically induced clastic dikes as a potential approach for the estimation of the lower-bound magnitude/intensity of paleoearthquakes. Engineering Geology, 195, 206–213.

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