IEC SB RAS - Evgenii K. Turutanov

Evgenii K. Turutanov

Scope of expertise:  Morphology of density inhomogeneities and crustal structure from the gravimetric data.

  1. Turutanov E.Kh. The structure of the Cenozoic basins north-eastern and south-western end of the Baikal rift system from gravity data - Irkutsk, Irkutsk State Technical University Publishing House. - 2010. - 167 p.
  2. Zorin Yu.A., Turutanov E.Kh. Plume and geodynamics of the Baikal Rift Zone // Geology and Geophysics. - 2005. - vol. 46 (7). - S. 683-697.
  3. Zorin Yu.A., Turutanov E.Kh. Regional isostatic gravity anomalies and mantle plumes in the southern part of Eastern Siberia (Russia) and Central Mongolia // Geology and Geophysics, 2004 - T.45. - №10. - C. 1248-1258.
  4. Zorin Yu.A.,Turutanov E.Kh., Mordvinova V.V. et al.  The Baikal rift zone: the effect of mantle plumes on older structure // Tectonophysics, 2003, v.371, p.153–173.
  5. Turutanov E.Kh., Zorin Yu.A. Deep structure of the granite plutons Mongolia and Transbaikalia. - Novosibirsk, Nauka, 1978. - 60 p.

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