IEC SB RAS - Oksana A. Solovei

Oksana A. Solovei

Scope of expertise: Study of horizontal inhomogeneities in the crust and upper mantle of Asia by the surface-wave tomography method from the data on Love and Rayleigh wave phase and group velocities.

  1. O.A. Solovei, V.M. Kozhevnikov 3D velocity model of the upper mantle beneath Central Asia// DES, 2008, Vol. 421, № 3, pp. 399-401.
  2. Kozhevnikov V.M., Solovey O.A. The three-dimensional velocity structure of upper mantle beneath Central Asia from dispersion of Rayleigh wave phase velocities //National Seismological Review of Russia. – Moscow. -2011. – P. 45-50.
  3. O.A. Solovei, A.I. Seredkina, V.M. Kozhevnikov. The Velocity Structure of the Upper Mantle Beneath Central Asia // DES, 2014, Vol. 457, № 6, pp. 698-700. DOI: 10.1134/S1028334X14070101
  4. Kozhevnikov, V.M., Seredkina, A.I. & Solovei, O.A. (2014). – 3D mantle structure of Central Asia from Rayleigh wave group velocity dispersion. – Russian Geology and Geophysics, 55(10), 1239–1247. DOI: 10.1016/j.rgg.2014.09.010

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