IEC SB RAS - Valentina I. Melnikova

Valentina I. Melnikova

Scope of expertise: Seismicity, механизм очага землетрясения (earthquake focal mechanism solutions, seismotectonic deformations.

  1. Solonenko A.V., Solonenko N.V., Melnikova V.I.,Shteiman Е.A. The Analysis of the Spatial-Temporal Structure of Seismicity inthe Baikal Rift Zone // Kluwer Academic Publishers. Earthquake Hazard and Risk. – 1996. – P. 49–62.
  2. Solonenko A.V., Solonenko N.V., Melnikova V.I., Shteiman Е.A. The Seismicity and the Stress Field of the Baikal Seismic Zone // El-fAquitaine. Bull. Centres Rech. Explor.- Prod. Elf-Aquitaine. 1997.-P. 208-231.
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  5. Melnikova V.I., Radziminovich N.A., Adyaa M.  Mechanisms of earthquake foci and seismotectonic deformations of the Mongolia region. In «Complex geophysical and seismological investigations in Mongolia». Ulaan-Baatar- Irkutsk. – 2004. – P. 165– 170.
  6. Radziminovitch N., Déverchère J., Melnikova V., San`kov V. and Giljova N., 2005. The 1999 Mw 6.0 earthquake sequence in the Southern Baikal rift, Asia, and its seismotectonic implications // Geophys. J. Int. 161, рр. 387-400. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2005.02604.x
  7. Seredkina A.I., Melnikova V.I., Gileva N.A. & Radziminovich Y.B. The M w 4.3 January 17, 2014, earthquake: very rare seismic event on the Siberian platform // Journal of Seismology, 2015. V. 19, Issue 3, pp 685–694. DOI 10.1007/s10950-015-9487-y

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