IEC SB RAS - Yurii A. Davydenko

Yurii A. Davydenko

Scope of expertise:

Electric sounding software system development. Integrated analysis of the geological-geophysical data for mineral exploration activities.

  1. Veeken P.C.H., Legeydo P.Y, Davydenko Yu.A., Ivanov S.A., Kudryavceva E.O., Chuvaev A.A. Benefits of the induced polarization geoelectric method to hydrocarbon exploration // Geophysics. 2009. V. 74, № 2. P. 47-58
  2. Veeken P.C.H., Davydenko Yu.A., Ageenkov E.V., Alaev B.N. Technical setup and noise suppression for Differential Normalized Electromagnetic Method (DNME) measurements // 73rd EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC, 2011. Vienna, Austria, 23-26 May 2011. P.
  3. Ageenkov, E.V., Davydenko, Yu.A. & Fomitskii, V.A. (2012). – Influence of the off-axis position of the transmitter and receiver circuits on the results of differentially normalized electromagnetic sounding. – Russian Geology and Geophysics, 53(1), 116-121.
  4. Shargorodskiy A.V., Davydenko Y.A., Nikulin S.V. Evaluation of the sensitivity and resolution of the aero-electromagnetic system DIP-4A made for uranium deposit model on Reagen Vitimsky plateau // GeoBaikal14 third international conference on exploration and field development in east Siberia 2014, Irkutsk 18-22 August.

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