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Alexandr I. Melnikov

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Scope of expertise: Geology, structural geology, geotectonics and geochronology of crystalline complexes.

  1. Lepin V.S., Melnikov A.I., Petrov A.F., Brandt S.B. Geochronological studies on the Anabar Shield //Sovet-Japanese symposium on isotope Geology. – Moscow: IG, 1987. - Р. 45-50.
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  9. Sklyarov E.V., Theunissen K., Melnikov A., Klerkx J., Gladkotchub D.P., Mruma A. Paleoproterozoic eclogites and garnet pyroxenites of the Ubende belt (Tanzania) //Schweiz. Mineral., Petrog. Mitt. - 1998. – V. 78. - P. 257-271.
  10. Boven A., Theunissen K., Sklyarov E., Klerkx J., Melnikov A. et al. Timing of Exhumation of High- Pressure Mafic Granulite Terranes of the Paleoproterozoic Ubende Belt (West Tanzania) //Precambrian Research. – 1999. - V. 93, Issue 1. - P. 119-137.

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