IEC SB RAS - Yurii V. Menshagin

Yurii V. Menshagin

Scope of expertise: Petrology of ultrabasites-basites.

  1. Letnikov, F.A., Menshagin, Yu.V. Fluidal-petrochemical typification of ultrabasic rocks // Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR. 1988. v.300. № 4. p.932-935.
  2. Menshagin, Yu.V., Sekerin, A.P., Bogdanov G.V. Olivinite-verlite-clinopyroxenite formation of the Eastern Sayan // Dokl. RAS. 1993. v.332. № 6. p.759-761.
  3. Sekerin, A.P., Men’shagin, Yu.V., Reznitskii, LZ. The first find of lazurite in the Eastern Sayany // Doklady Earth Sciences. 1997. v.355A. № 6. p.827-831.
  4. Letnikov, F.A., Menshagin, Yu.V., Lashkevich, V.V., Dorogokupets, P.I. Comparison of the energy properties of fluid and silicate systems of the lithosphere // Petrology. 1997. v.5. № 6. p.597-601.
  5. Gladkochub, D.P, Sklyarov, E.V, Menshagin, Yu.V., и др. Geochemistry of ancient ophiolites of the Sharyzhalgai uplift // Geochemistry International. 2001. v.39. № 10.
  6. Sklyarov, E. V.; Sklyarova, O. A.; Lavrenchuk, A. V., Menshagin, Yu.V. Natural pollutants of Northern Lake Baikal // Environmental Earth Sciences. 2015. v.74. № 3.

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