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Alena V. Kadetova

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Natural and man-made emergencies, engineering-geological processes.

  1. Kadetova, A.V., Radziminovich, Ya.B. & Gotovskaya, E.Yu. (2007). – The practice and perspectives of the GIS use to solve the engineering-geological problems in the urban agglomeration. – Geoinformatika, 1, 1-8 (in Russian).
  2. Kadetova, A.V., Rybchenko, A,A, & Trzhtsinsky, Yu.B. (2008). – Modern geoecological situation in the city of Irkutsk. – Geography and Natural Resources (Geografiya i prirodnye resursy), 1, 55-62 (in Russian).
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  4. Kadetova, A.V., Rybchenko, A.A.,& Trzhcinsky, Yu.B. (2007). – Technogenic change of the geological environment of urban areas (by the example of Irkutsk town. – Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece, XXXVII, 1440-1448.
  5. Kadetova, A.V. & Kozyreva, E.A. (2010). – The potential natural hazards to be considered in the design and exploitation of the aerial rope-way in the “Gora Sobolinaya” mountain-skiing resort (Southern Pribaikalia, Russia). – Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece, XLIII, 1341-1349.
  6. Rybchenko, A.A., Kadetova, A.V. & Kozyreva, E.A. (2012). – 3-D model application results from monitoring the site of abrasion “Solnechny” (Irkutsk). – Bulletin of Irkutsk State Technical University (Vestnik of Irkutsk State Technical University), 4, 61-66 (in Russian).
  7. Kozyreva, E.A., Rybchenko, A.A., Mazaeva, O.A., Khak, V.A. & Kadetova, A.V. (2012). – Hazardous engineering-geological processes in the zone of influence of the Baikal-Angara hydroengineering system. – GeoRisk, 3, 38-47 (in Russian).
  8. Kadetova, A. V. & Radziminovich, Y. B. (2014). – The catastrophic flood in Transbaikalia (Central Asia) in 1897: case study. – Natural Hazards, 72(2), 423-441. doi:10.1007/s11069-013-1019-x.
  9. Rybchenko, A.A., Kadetova, A.V., & Huck, V.A. (2014). – Transformation of the Irkutsk reservoir shores built up by loess-like rocks. – Geomorphology RAS (Geomorfologiya), 2, 61-67 (in Russian).
  10. Laperdin. V.K., Levi, K.G., Lekhatiniv, A.M., Kadetova, A.V., Pellinen, V.A. & Rybchenko, A.A. (2014). – Ca uses and consequences of a catastrophic mudflows on 28June near Arshan village in the Republic of Buryatia, Russia. – Geodynamics and Tectonophysics, 5(3), 799-816 (in Russian). doi:10.5800/GT­2014­5­3­0156.

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