IEC SB RAS - Valery A. Skvortsov

Valery A. Skvortsov

Scope of expertise

Physical-chemical modeling of natural and man-made systems (metallic, non-metallic and liquid mineral resources). Global warming prediction.

  1. Skvortsov, V.A. (2008). – Physical-chemical analysis of rare-metal mineralization in the Precambrian Sayan-Baikal mountains. – Irkutsk State University Press, Irkutsk, 283 pp. (in Russian).
  2. Skvortsov V.A., & Chudnenko K.V. (2015). – Thermodynamic model of greenhouse gas emission in atmosphere and climate change. – Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics, 28, 1, 56-63.
  3. Skvortsov, V.A. (2015). – Physical-chemical modeling of global climate change. In: Problems of fundamental and applied hydrogeology. Proceedings of XXI Conference on Underground Waters in Siberia and Far East. – Yakutsk, 160-164 (in Russian).
  4. Skvortsov, V.A. & Chudnenko, K.V. (2015). – Thermodynamics of global warming. Geological evolution of water-rock interaction. Proceedings of II All-Russian Conference with an International Participation. – Dalnauka, Vladivostok, 226-228 (in Russian).
  5. Skvortsov, V.A. & Rogova, V.P. (2015). – Formation conditions of rich gold ores. In: Fluid regime of endogenous processes in the continental lithosphere. Proceedings of the All-Russian Conference Dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of Laboratory of Petrology, Geochemistry and Ore Genesis. – SB RAS, Irkutsk, 167-169 (in Russian). 

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