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Sergey K. Pavlov

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Computer modeling of physical-chemical interactions in water-rock systems

  1. Pavlov S.Kh., Karpov I.K., Chudnenko, K.V. Carbon disproportionation and fractionation in the carbon-water-gas system // Geochemistry International, 2006, v. 44, № 7. р. 736–739.
  2. Pavlov S.K., Chudnenko K.V. Formation of nitrogen-rich hot springs: modeling physicochemical interactions in a water-granite system // Geochemistry International, 2013, v. 51, 12. р. 981-993.
  3. Pavlov S.KH., Karpov I.K., Chudnenko K.V. Water-carbon interaction under the conditions of complete and metastable thermodynamic equilibrium / Water Resources, 2008 v. 35. № 4. р. 435-445
  4. Pavlov S.K., Chudnenko K.V. Hydrogeochemical processes of wastewater leakage purification from a thermal power plant // Journal of environmental science and health, part a: toxic/hazardous substances and environmental engineering. 2015. V. 50. Issue. 7. Pp. 719-727.

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