IEC SB RAS - Elena V. Verkhozina

Elena V. Verkhozina

Master of Information Systems and Technology (MIST) degree (2014)


Scope of expertise

Modeling bottom sedimentation processes in the Baikal as in a deep rift lake and natural and anthropogenic risks to ecological system in the Baikal region.

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  2. Verkhozina, V.A., Verkhozina, E.V. & Chudnenko, K.V. (2011). – Biogeochemical processes role in nitrogen balance of Lake Baikal ecosystem. – Water: Chemistry and Ecology. – 12, 3-7 (in Russian).
  3. Verkhozina, V.A., Verkhozina, E.V., Verkhoturov, V.V. & Safarov, A. S. (2014). – Monitoring researches of a microbial community of the littoral zone near the Southern Baikal. – Water: Chemistry and Ecology, 3, 66-70 (in Russian).
  4. Verkhozina, E.V., Verkhozina, V.A., Gonchar, D.A., Dedkov, V.S., Degtyarev, S. Kh. & Chernukhin, V.A. (2014). – Development and evaluation of physicochemical methods in ecological studies. – Water: Chemistry and Ecology, 10, 119-122 (in Russian).
  5. Verkhozina E.V., Verkhozina, V.A., Savilov, E.D. & Verkhoturov V.V. (2014). – Antibiotic resistance of microbial community of the Lake Baikal ecosystem in the area of Listvyanka, Slyudyanka and Baikalsk. – Bulletin of ESSC SB RAMS, 3, 62-65 (in Russian).

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