IEC SB RAS - Galina A. Karnaukhova

Galina A. Karnaukhova

Scope of expertise

Specific features of sedimentation environment in the Angara River reservoir cascade. A role of geochemical barrier zones in operation of reservoirs of the Angarsk cascade. Geochemistry of the Angara River and reservoirs of the Angarsk cascade.

  1. Karnaukhova, G.A. (2011). – Belt zoning of sedimentation in the Angara cascade reservoirs. – Geochemistry International, 49(6), 605-617.
  2. Karnaukhova, G.A. & Skovitina, T.M. (2014). – Setting of the formation of mineral composition of bottom sediments in the barrier zone of the Angara river. – Lithology and Mineral Resources, – 49(2), 165-176. DOI: 10.1134/S0024490214020035)
  3. Karnaukhova, G.A. (2008). – Hydrochemistry of the Angara and reservoirs of the Angara Chain. – Water Resources, 35(1), 69-77.

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