IEC SB RAS - Andrei G. Vakhromeev

Andrei G. Vakhromeev

Scope of expertise: Geology of oil and gas deposits; hydrogeology of deep horizons of the Siberian platform sedimentary layers; geological-commercial support; prospecting, exploration and production drilling of vertical, inclined, deviated and horizontal wells for oil and gas; industrial brines in prospecting areas of the Leno-Tungusskaya oil and gas province.

  1. Ecological aspects of Kovykta gas field development (with Abalakov A.D., Ziganshin E.S., Medvedev Yu.o. and others). Irkutsk, 2001.
  2. Geoecology of cluster pitless drilling of oil & gas fields (with Abalakov A.D., Polovitkin V.P. . and others). Irkutsk, 2003.
  3. Industrial brines of Siberian platform: hydrogeology, drilling & exploration, development & utilization (with Alexeev S.V., Kotsupalo N.P., Ryabtsev A.D.). Irkutsk, 2014.
  4. Regularities of formation and localization of industrial brines deposits in Cambrian carbonate cavernous fractured reservoirs on the South of Siberian platform. Irkutsk, 2015.
  5. Geological aspects of the use of technology primary opening of the productive reservoir with controlled pressure of horizontal wellbores. «Drilling & oil», 2013, № 11, P. 30 – 35.
  6. Sverkunov, S.A., Sirtaev, R.U. & Vakhromeev, A.G. (2013). – Mining and geological conditions of carbonate Riphean reservoir initial drilling in priority development site of Yurubcheno-Tokhomskoe field. – Bulletin of Irkutsk State Technical University (Vestnik of Irkutsk State Technical University), 10, 110-116 (in Russian).
  7. Abnormally permeable fractured, karst reservoir in Riphean rocks of Yurubchono-Takhomskoye field (with Ryazapov R.K., Danilova E.M. & others). Geology & mineral resources of Siberia. № 4 (20), 2014, p. 49 – 61.

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