IEC SB RAS - Alexandr V. Pospeev

Alexandr V. Pospeev

Scope of expertise: Analysis of oil and gas resources potential of Irkutsk region; development of high-precision electromagnetic investigations for oil and gas prospecting.

  1. Deep electrical conductivity of East Siberia and the Far East of Russia. Tectonophysics – 1995, – 245. р. 85 – 92 (with Moroz Yu.F.);
  2. Cenozoic of Baikal rift depression. Structure and geological history. (with Mats V.D., Ufimtsev G.F., Mandelbaum M.M. and others);
  3. Geological aspects of Earth’s upper lithosphere geoelectrics. Geophysics, 2004, №4, p. 27 – 32;
  4. The velocity structure of the upper mantle and regional deep thermodynamics of the Baikal rift zone. Geodynamics & Tectonophysics, 2012 № 3 (4), p. 377 – 383;
  5. Current state of hydrocarbons resources base on the territory of Irkutskaya oblast. Report on the 2-nd scientific Conference «Geology, Geophysics and minerals of Siberia», Novosibirsk, 2015 (with Vakhromeev A.G.).

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1949 and USSR Academy of Sciences Presidium Decree, dated February 24, 1949 as a response to the foundation of the Branch. It was renamed into the East-Siberian Geological Institute in 1957; since 1962, it had been known as the Institute of the Earth’s Crust SB AS USSR and obtained its current name in 1992.

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