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Alexander M. Kononov

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A.M. Kononov studies the processes of saline water and brine formation in the cryoartesian basins of the northern Siberian platform. His primary research areas are paleohydrogeological reconstructions, different stages of groundwater composition formation, hydrogeological features of permafrost cross-section and hydrogeochemical zonality, groundwater genesis. His area of expertise includes the study of perennially frozen rocks and ground ice of the Siberian platform, and Holocene and upper Pleistocene climate changes. Uranium-thorium and uranium-lead dating of speleothems from the caves of East Siberia and Yakutia has been used to reconstruct cryochrones and thermochrones and compare the paleoclimate data and features of geocryological process development in the areas of continuous, insular and discontinuous permafrost.


Keywords: groundwater formation, saline groundwaters and brines, groundwater isotope geochemistry, permafrost, paleogeocryology, paleoclimate, speleothems.

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