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Scope of expertise: Precambrian stratigraphy and microfossils. Paleobiological interpretation of aсritarсha. Evolution of geodynamical states. Stanevich A.M. together with colleagues has studied lithologic filling and microfossils from more than hundred Precambrian basic sections of Patom, Bodaibo, Pribaical, North-Baikal, Muya Oka areas of Sajan-Bajkal-Patom mountain region and more than 15 sections Anabar, Udzha, Olenek uplands of the north of the Siberian platform. Microfossils from Lower Proterozoic of Udokan and Prisayan areas are received and biologically interpreted. Microfossils are studied in a complex: in preparations from chemicalmaceration, in petrographic section and under electronic microscopes. He offers a new variant of classification of microfossils on the basis of bioecological interpretation. The variant stratigraphic schemes of Late Precambrian sediments of the Sajan-Bajkal-Patom region is created on the basis of complex correlation. The scheme of geodynamic evolution of this territory in Neoprotrrozoic is created together with late V.K. Nemerov.


Now Stanevich A.M. works above questions of restoration of environments and updatings of interpretation of Late Precambrian geodynamic conditions in Sajan-Bajkal-Patom region. He has received and studies microfossils associations from Late Precambrian deposit of China, PriLena petroliferous borehole, slates of Khamar-Daban formation, Urals Mountains, etc.

The author and the co-author of 6 monographies, more than 215 scientific works.


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