IEC SB RAS - Konstantin M. Konstantinov

Konstantin M. Konstantinov

Scope of expertise: Petrophysics, paleomagnetism, physical-geological modeling, geodynamics

  1. Sklyarov E.V., Gladkochub D.P., Mazukabzov A.M., Menshagin Yu.V., Konstantinov K.M., Watanabe T. Dike Swarms on the Southern Flank of the Siberian Craton as Indicators of the Rodinia Supercontinent Breakup // Geotectonics. 2000. Vol. 34, No. 6. P. 482-497.
  2. Gladkochub D.P., Stanevich A.M., Travin A.V., Mazukabzov A.M., Konstantinov K.M., Yudin D.S., Kornilova T.A. The Mesoproterozoic Udzha Paleorift (Northern Siberian Craton): New Data on Age of Basites, Straigraphy, and Microphytology // Doklady Earth Sciences. 2009. V. 425A, N 3. P. 371-377.
  3. Blanko, D. Paleomagnetic dating of Phanerozoic kimberlites in Siberia / D. Blanko, V.A. Kravchinsky, K.M. Konstantinov, K. Kabin // Journal of Applied Geophysics. – 2013. – Vol . 88. – Р. 139–153.
  4. Konstantinov, K.M. Paleomagnetism of trap intrusions, East Siberia: Implications to flood basalt emplacement and the Permo–Triassic crisis of biosphere / K.M. Konstantinov, M.L. Bazhenov, A.M. Fetisova, M.D. Khutorskoy // Earth and Planetary Science Letters. – 2014. – Vol. 300. – Р. 242–253.
  5. Kravchinsky, V.A. Paleomagnetic study of the Vendian – Early Cambrian aged rocks of South Siberia and Central Mongolia: Was the Siberian platform assembled at this time? / V.A. Kravchinsky, K.M. Konstantinov, J.-P. Cogne // Precambrian Research. – 2001. – Р. 61–92.
  6. Kravchinsky, V.A. Paleomagnetism of East Siberian traps and kimberlites: two new poles and paleogeographic reconstructions at about 360 and 250 Ma / V.A. Kravchinsky, K.M. Konstantinov, V. Courtillot, J.I. Savrasov, J-P. Valet, S.D. Cherniy, S.G. Mishenin, B.S. Parasotka // Geophys. J. Int. – 2002. – № 48. – Р. 1–33.
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  8. Wingate, M.N.D. Geochronology and paleomagnetism of mafic igneous rocks in the Olenek Uplift, northern Siberia: Implications for Mezoproterozoics supercontinents and paleography / M.N.D. Wingate, S.A. Pisarevsky, D.P. Gladkochub, T.V. Donskaja, K.M. Konstantinov, A.M. Mazukabzov, A.M. Stanevich // Precambrian Research. – 2009. – Vol. 170. – Р. 256–266.

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