Noble gas mass-spectrometry for Ar-Ar and K-Ar geochronology

We use the state of the art mass-spectrometer ARGUS VI (Thermo Fisher Scientific) for the Ar-Ar and K-Ar dating. Our instrument has the number 10 delivered by Thermo to their worldwide customers. This mass-spectrometer allows simultaneous detection of five isotopes of argon; three of which are natural with masses of 36, 38 and 40, and two – 37 and 39 – are artificial. Argon for the analysis is extracted from dated minerals by heating either in a double vacuum oven or by CO2 infrared laser. The mass-spectrometer with the gas purification system and the double vacuum oven were installed in December 2011 and, after a series of tests, it became routinely applied for the geochronological studies starting from May 2012. The CO2 laser (Coherent and Teledyne Photon Machines) was installed in October 2015 and it is planned for the routine application soon. So far we have published six papers with the data obtained using the ARGUS VI mass-spectrometer, but more papers are either in press or submitted, or under preparation yet.

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